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Peggy Vanhamme
  • Community Events

    Super Sunday Run & Pool Chillin

    KC Pub Run

    We'll run about 4 miles. Then hang by the pool. There are bathrooms to change in to swimsuits after the run. Yes, it’s early so we can get there before the pool crowds and not disturb people. Bring some snacks if you want (fruit, bagels,...

    If you'd rather morning knitting & coffee

    Knitting & Boozing in Downtown KCMO.

    We knit, we have coffee, we knoff. We talk, we laugh. For some of us this is church.

    Vegetarian Fest 2018!

    Lovers of Indian culture in KC area!

    * Cosponsor*Join us for Kansas City's second annual VegFest, where mindfulness meets consumerism. Schedule of events: TBA VegFest is a way to learn more about how changing to a plant-based lifestyle is better for you, the environment, and...

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