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    Monday Board Game at Alamo Drafthouse

    Kansas City Board Games and stuff!

    Play games! Make new friends or play with old ones. Alamo Drafthouse and Level One Game Shop are hosting Monday Night Board Game Tavern. We'll be bringing a large selection of games for people to play or learn, and we are here to make sure people...

    Serve the Needy at Micah Ministry

    Serve KC

    Those in need are always standing in line, but not at Micah Ministry. Home-cooked meals are served directly to the table along with any essential items from the clothing pantry.  Volunteers MUST arrive before 5:15 for job assignments. Dinner...

    Bar K Dog Bar

    KC Unlimited [Ages 20s & 30s]

    Food, drinks and Dogs!Dress for dog paws and slobber!

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